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Khaleej Al Arabi Branch, Abu Dhabi

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PO Box 48338
Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street
Beside Zayed Military Hospital
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Zayed Sports City Branch, Abu Dhabi

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PO Box 48338
Zayed Sports City
Between entry gates 1 & 6
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Al Ain Branch, Al Ain

T: +971 3 746 4800
F: +971 3 746 4900

PO Box 222464
Beside Tawam Hospital
Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

Active Project

  • Ramadan Study

    It is an observational study using continuous glucose monitoring to investigate the differences in glucose profiles in Ramadan compared with non-fasting period.

     The Ramadan study has been active for three years within ICLDC and by Dr Nader Lessan at his previous appointment. The aim of the study is to assess the various factors that affect individuals with diabetes fasting during the month of Ramadan. Continuous glucose monitoring is used to measure the levels of interstitial glucose over a period of time, 48 hours or longer, under non-fasting and fasting conditions. Approximately 20 patients are recruited per year. 2012 was the final year for the study due to funding constraints, however further data will be accumulated using any remaining sensors.

     Overall, 10 abstracts/publications have been presented/accepted in reference to the Ramadan Study. A significant amount of data has been complied and is now currently being analysed for future publications.

  • Ramadan 2 Study (2013)

    The study will be investigating the frequency and demography of fasting and hypoglycaemia among patients with diabetes during Ramadan. It will also be testing a Ramadan glycaemic control prediction hypothesis generated by our previous Ramadan work.

  • Data Mining Data Analysis

    The DIAMOND database data is a complied list of patients from ICLDC and all their medical information. It includes data on over 85,000 patients. A number of abstracts have been accepted using various manipulations of the data.

    Currently two factors are being individually analysed; liver function enzymes and vitamin D levels. Analysis of this data is an on-going process and will continue with a focus on different aspects.

  • Vitamin D Study

    Investigation conversion of vitamin D precursors to active vitamin D by the UAE sun!

    The vitamin D study is in collaboration with Professor Michael Holick in the USA. The aim of the study is to assess the changes in the percentage conversion of vitamin D precursors into pre-vitamin D and Vitamin D during the various months of the year and then compare the data with other regions in the world. This is the initial stage to assessing the reasons behind the significantly high number of individuals within the UAE suffering from Vitamin D deficiency. The study was completed in January 2013. Data analysis is underway and publications are expected.